I am afraid I am unable to run the breast group anymore as I had two strokes in august and was advised to look after myself and take away any stressors. No one is willing to take on the responsibility , however if there is anyone who is looking at the site would be up for the challenge please get in touch with me as I have kept all our stuff. It is sad that a group that was set up 15 years ago by a McMillan nurse and has been so successful cannot be taken on by the McMillan Breast Nurses from Ninewells. The service seems to have lost its purpose and referring everyone to Maggies in Dundee. Maggies is a fantastic service but always nice to have people in your own area. I wish you all the very best in your care and treatment.

We do intend to go for a lunch twice a year so I will put the date on the site and you would be made very welcome. Margaret


Next meeting

Great news from the church to say we can reconvene our meetings in the church sanctuary from Monday 10 th May from 11-00 to 1-00 pm. People will need to give details on admission for track and trace and also wear masks. We will also have to complete a Covid assessment form. Safety issues will be in place for seating etc. They will also put on tea and coffee. All new members will be made welcome and we look forward to our oldies.