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Portable faxitron

The Faxitron BioVision machine is a portable x-ray system used to examine tissue specimens from biopsies taken from patients with suspected breast cancer.

The machine further enhances diagnostic precision and effectiveness during breast and other cancer related surgery. The equipment means surgeons can x-ray tissue immediately during a surgical procedure, rather than having to send it on to the radiology department for x-ray tests.  This mitigates the need for possible second surgical procedures.


Shear wave elastography (also known as transient elastography) form of ultrasound

The concept is similar to strain elastography, but instead of using transducer pressure to compare a shift in an ultrasound A-line (thereby measuring changes in strain), a higher intensity pulse is transmitted to produce shear waves, which extend laterally from the insonated structure. The shear waves may then be tracked with low intensity pulses to find the shear velocity and this velocity is related to Young’s modulus.

Applications of shear wave elastography are currently being developed for:

  • breast ultrasound
  • liver ultrasound
    • detection of small lesions
    • evaluation of diffuse liver disease
  • prostate ultrasound
  • thyroid nodule ultrasound
  • musculoskeletal ultrasound

There may also be some some applications in echocardiography.

The technique is still being developed for clinical use. Currently, there are a number of different ways to perform shear wave elastography and continued improvement in differentiation between lesion and background tissue is necessary for reliable clinical diagnosis.

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